The Electric Group
2200 Kilgust Rd., Madison, WI 53713
Phone: (608) 221-4650
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The Electric Group consists of contractors who have been serving Dane County and the surrounding counties for the past 114 years. Members of The Electric Group are professional contractors who develop innovative solutions to meet their customers’ needs; lead the industry in the practical application of new technologies; and set industry standards for traditional electrical and integrated building solutions.

The Electric Group members have gone through training programs and have the tools that position them as a customer’s full service energy solutions provider. These training programs provide information and instruction on innovation, business trends, and effective leadership that keep our members on the forefront of the electrical industry.

Safety is of paramount importance to The Electric Group contractors. They believe in maintaining safe job sites and working conditions, and making sure their workers are safety-trained in all areas, from fall protection and use of ladders and scaffolding, to operation of scissors lifts and heavy equipment; excavation practices and working safely in confined spaces. Safe job sites make for financial efficiency by minimizing delays and financial losses associated with unsafe working conditions.

Whether working on commercial, industrial, residential, voice-data-video, green energy projects or service and maintenance work, The Electric Group contractors hold a high standard for superior performance and are committed to delivering quality results.

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Whether a customer wants to build a new home, remodel an existing one, or wire a new addition, The Electric Group contractors take care of every electrical need.


The Electric Group’s full-service contractors provide top-notch electrical services and engineering support, working closely with customers from start to finish.


The Electric Group provides voice-data-video and security services, including design, installation, maintenance, and support of telecommunications networks, access control, security alarms, video surveillance (CCTV, Network and IP) as well as integrated security systems.

Green Energies

The Electric Group provides renewable energy solutions, consulting, design, engineering, installation, and complete maintenance programs for any project, including solar electric (PV) systems, solar thermal (hot water) systems, electric car chargers, LED retrofits, wind power, geothermal energy systems, and co-generation.